Biography of Witha Lacuesta

Portrait of Witha Lacuesta

I have always been fascinated by watercolors. I love them for their transparent quality and brilliance. They offer such versatility, excitement, and discoveries while painting my favorite subjects: flowers, animals, and landscapes. The possibilities of watercolors intrigue me because one can either render the subject in a light and airy manner or paint glazes that have the intensity of oil paintings. At this time, my focus is to try to capture the beauty of the world around us and interpret it according to my feelings and sense of being. I would like my viewers to find a pleasant sanctuary in my paintings where they can quietly reflect and discover a sense of peace.

  • Educational Background

    • Several professional degrees in Germany
    • Masters in English as a Second Language, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
    • Professor of Geography (1997 to present)
    • Artist in Residence, Coquina Elementary School, Titusville, 2006
    • Self study
    • Courses at art schools (Staedel) in Frankfurt/M, Germany and San Diego, California, USA
    • Private Lessons from notable artists in Florida